Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Lets go Shopping - New York Style

No doubt many of you have seen the news about all the floods in the South Yorkshire area, OMG has it been wet, thankfully the house has not been effected, and for myself just some inconvenience of roads being closed on the way to work.
My thoughts go out to all those that are not in their home at the moment because water has taken hold of their property.
On a lighter note, I understand from a friend that it is 90c in New York at the moment, so if you are planning on shopping there plan to take a fan along or better still just stay in an ice box!!!
This card was made using a beautiful stamp from the Sentiment range, I painted her with H2o's and shimmer paints, I used glossy accents on the hat bow and dog to add a bit of texture. The background I created using Color Box Cats Eyes Chalk stamps they are great for doing a really subtle background.


Leigh said...

Beautiful card Sadie. Hope the floods clear up soon. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Scrapbook Mama said...

Love this card.. reminds me of Pretty Woman when she gets all dolled up and has all the bags being carried behind her! (love that movie!) OH Sadie I bow down to your creations :)

Susan Westie said...

Hi, Sadie made this card for my birthday this year, it looks even more impressive in the flesh. Sadie is my sister inlaw.

Jules said...

I really like that card, well done.

Jules x

(found you on a hunt for fellow cardmakers!)