Thursday, 5 January 2012

Sell my Wedding

As like many of us girls that have been wed a while, Becca had various wedding items in bags and boxes that were destined for the loft, unlike me who did banish her wedding pieces to the loft Becca did not want them to go to waste this is how was born.  specialises in used or pre-loved wedding items; everything to do with your big day, from the dress to dressing the reception. It's a fabulous marketplace of wedding delights where you can buy and sell items from your wedding, as well as browse wedding vendors. 

This is a detailed shot of Becca's wedding dress, its from the Abbey Designer Warehouse and looks absolutely divine, she is selling it over on  Sell my Wedding at a fantastic price.
There are so many items available to purchase you are bound to find something that you are looking for and they will be a lot cheaper here too. 

If your a bride with items to sell you can  register to showcase your gorgeous items, now that beats banishing them to the loft doesn't it.

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