Monday, 20 February 2012

The Favour & the Place Name

In the thirteenth century sugared almonds were given to guests at weddings, they were known then simply as Confetti, so glad that throwing them did not become a tradition - imagine the injuries that could be sustained on that one. Anyway I digress, over time they became known as sugared almonds and five almonds would be presented in a box or delicate fabric pouch, each one having a meaning: fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness and together the sweetness of the sugar and the bitterness of the almond represented the bitter sweetness of marriage.

I have always been moved by the meaning of the old tradition and had almonds at my own wedding.
But now anything goes lottery tickets, CD's, mini make up, shot glasses, picture frames of the happy couple, you name it someone has done it!
I started to wonder if I could create a favour and a place name all in one, now that would be different wouldn't it?
That's when I tried creating a tag and adding it to the favours and was pleased with the result.

I then discovered Bath Bomb Creations, and thought how unusual, I'd seen everything else for favours but not these.
I quickly decided that they would look wonderful in the little favour bags and boxes that I hand make, and to my surprise they got in touch and turns out they thought the same.

A really unique mix, the favours that I create are unusual and usually get guests talking or at least going 'ahhhh' so filled with these cute little handmade from natural ingredients Bath Creamers makes it all the more 'ahhh'.

If your inspired by these ideas then please get in touch with either myself at Perfect Day Wishes or the lovely girls over at Bath Bomb Creations we are all friendly and would love to work with you to make your day truly special.

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The Bathtime Team said...

Lovely post! They make a good match, don't they? Looks girlie and pretty.

All i've done is post the giveaway winner. I'm so jetlagged, lol.

Meeting Anita Friday for dinner and we are going to catch up with everything and plan events etc.

I need sleep, sob!