Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sweet Surprise Favours

Favours, place names, menus all this to think about is enough to drive you crazy when trying to organise the sit down meal for your wedding. Caterers wanting to know whose sitting where and what they are eating can be an absolute minefield. If you're like me then you'll have lists and lists along with Excel spreadsheets detailing all the information but trying to retain it all and get it organised well...poof it goes up in smoke!

I have a solution, take the stress out of some of the planning by adding your place names to your favours and  your guests menu choices because let's face it who really remembers what they have ordered when the invite came through the letterbox 6 months ago!

Each favour has four sides and is threaded with ribbon so you end up with a favour that has four pockets ready to fill with delights for your guests to take away; take a peek here as they are on offer x

Why not fill with luxurious diamond bath melts, your guests simply pop them in the bath and lavish themselves in the all-natural pampering skin softening properties these delightful shapes have to offer.
Priced from only £2.50 for 10 they are an affordable choice; take a peek at the vast variety here: Bath Bomb
Want to see other favour ideas? What about bath-time goodies to fill your favours?
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