Sunday, 8 July 2007

Rhys Gets Christened

Today has been busy; got tagged so had to think of some interesting things about myself....I tried my best.
Also been to a Christening today and this is the card I made for little Rhys Alexander, he was such a sweetie, he was so good all the way through the Baptism.
The card was a simple design using Colossal Star Paper, the stamped image is another one from the Woodware range, so love those stamps.
I embossed using Clear Denim colour - Heat it Up range
I glossed the wheels, edging and stars on pram with my fav 'glossy accents', I then sprinkled glitter over the gloss before it dried to add some sparkle.
The square and rectangle cut using George and the letters were also cut from George on the sign setting to get them small.
Little teddy to finish.


regina said...

Hi Sadie, thanks so much for the tag..........not much to tag me about this time...I was just tagged not to long ago and nothing has really changed besides my kids currently are driving me COO COO from being out of school...(smile)..thanks again regina.....Hey love your site...

Patsy Jackson said...

Aww Sadie that is sooo cute! Love that stamp and the teddy is gorgeous! I am sure they loved it.

Thanks for doing the tag too. Think it's getting a bit 'done to death' now though as loads of people have already been tagged lol!

Leigh said...

Such a cute card Sadie.