Saturday, 12 May 2012

Apples for your Bunting

Why not opt for something a little different for your bunting?
Freshly cut apples printed with pretty picnic images, all threaded onto cotton twine so that you can hang in your house, in the garden or from your gazebo.
Each apple is topped with a rich red letter, a letter that you can choose spelling out anything you like from Just Married like in this photo or have your names added, or simply have Its a Party.

Bunting does not have to be for street parties and it does not have to be triangular flags, be different, be unique, but most of all be you x
Get yours here: Perfect Day Wishes 

1 comment:

The Bathtime Team said...

I love the bunting - will be in touch about that. Clicked on the lilac image to the right and the selction is stunningly beautiful ( i love lilac...)